Q&A with Leirion Gaylor Baird

Why are you running and what do you want to accomplish in office?

For me, this is about family. My parents were public school teachers, and they taught me that a career can be dedicated to improving the lives of others. As a mom, I’ve spent a lot of time focused on how to keep my three children safe, provide for their basic needs, give them a great quality of life, and ensure they have the same opportunities as anyone else for a bright future. As a former planning commissioner and your city councilwoman, I have a 12-year track record of delivering on these same priorities for all of our children and families in Lincoln. As mayor, I will continue to work to ensure our public safety; to invest in the basics, like streets and sidewalks; to maintain our neighborhood parks, trails, pools, playgrounds, and libraries so essential to our quality of life; and to address affordable housing.

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