Public safety

#1 priority

During my tenure on Council, we’ve made public safety our number one priority. In the most recent city budget negotiations, I led an effort to allocate over $3.5 million dollars to purchase needed fire trucks and engines, and to improve the living conditions of our fire stations – many of which were built prior to women joining the firefighting ranks. We’ve also increased both the numbers of police officers and emergency responders and the resources available to them so that they can respond more quickly to our 911 calls no matter where in the city we live.  These are accomplishments that truly save lives.  As Mayor, I will continue to address the needs of our men and women in uniform and work to ensure that all our residents, no matter their zip code, feel safe and secure.


Sidewalks and streets

The core of any local government’s responsibility to its citizens is to ensure that the foundation of our city is strong and resilient. This means maintaining our streets and the pipes and cables beneath them, as well as preparing for the infrastructure needs of tomorrow. Over the past five years, we have funded roads at historic levels and are repairing sidewalks and more miles of water mains annually. We fully funded the South Beltway and have kept our commitment to improving neighborhood streets. We’ve partnered with the private sector to expand access to affordable, high-speed internet that helps businesses thrive, students learn, and our city compete. As Mayor, I will continue to reinforce Lincoln’s strong foundation so that we are well-positioned to sustain and grow our city.

Quality of life

parks, playgrounds, libraries, pools and trails

As our city grows, we are attracting new people and new businesses because of the rich quality of life we enjoy in Lincoln. That quality of life is essential to expanding our workforce and competing in a 21st century economy. It’s also critical to ensuring that all residents experience and enjoy our city’s progress. I’ve gone to bat for working families by supporting libraries that educate and engage, investing in expanded public transit, and innovating to create new resources to improve neighborhood parks, trails, playgrounds, pools, senior centers, and places like the F Street Rec Center that keep kids involved in positive, safe activities. As Mayor, I will continue to emphasize these quality of life measures that are vital to all of us who want to see Lincoln become an even better place to call home.

Affordable Housing

Ensuring everyone can experience lincoln's success

It’s hard to fully enjoy the quality of life that we have in Lincoln if you can’t afford rent or the mortgage on a home. We must continue the work we’ve done over the past decade to increase the supply and variety of housing in Lincoln. As Mayor, I will focus on solutions to both help first-time homebuyers and keep rental costs within reason. I’m proud to have cast a vote in support of the most recent city budget that sets aside funds specifically to address affordable housing. As a Council member and a Lincoln Community Foundation board member, I am currently collaborating with other community leaders to explore how Lincoln might create Nebraska’s first community land trust, a tool that creates perpetually affordable housing units and revitalizes neighborhoods. As we confront important challenges like affordable housing, public-private partnerships most certainly will be key to our success.