Council Chairwoman Leirion Gaylor Baird Talks About Moving Forward After Budget Battle

By February 6, 2017News

KLIN | October 17, 2016 – 

The budget battle between the Mayor and Lincoln City Council is over. Council Chairwoman Leirion Gaylor Baird tells KLIN’s LNK Today that the Council is ready to move on.

“We want to put that behind us,” she says. “We expect to have differences of opinion, we expect to have different policy perspectives, and that’s what helps us really have good debates and good discussions, and usually those kinds of debates and discussions help us get to the best outcome.”

The Council was ordered by the Court to fund the Mayor’s two-year city budget, which they did unanimously last week. The lawsuit process, though, may have shaken the confidence of Lincoln citizens.

Gaylor Baird says that the Council and the Mayor’s office want to regain that confidence as they move forward.

“By working together and even taking a look maybe on how to improve the budget process going forward we have the chance to earn back any confidence that may have been lost during this process but by and large I think we can be proud of this budget as a community and I think that the citizens will be glad for the changes it makes.”

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